Taking care of and framing your Giclée Fine Artprint!

Giclée Fine Artprints are of extremely high quality and will last for generations. Treat your Giclée Fine Artprint with love & care and you are guaranteed to enjoy it for a long time!

Giclée Fine Artprints should be treated with the same love & care as an Original Painting. This means:

  • Make sure you leave your Giclée Fine Artprint in the supplied packaging until you can frame it (or even better; have it framed by a professional framer)
  • Touch only with clean, dry hands
  • Use two hands to carefully pick it up to avoid small creases or dents in the paper
  • Only touch the edges to avoid fingersmudges
  • Use a clean, dry surface to roll out your Giclée Fine Artprint (with the print facing up)
  • Please do not hang them in your bathroom, kitchen or any area with high humidity as this can permanently damage your Giclée Fine Artprint

Do you have questions? Please feel free to contact me hello@tamarapatrick.com
I'd love to answer your questions!

Jesus is not a religion

This inner conversion didn’t happen because someone told me to, although there have been Christians who tried to convince me in the past, their words never touched or convicted my heart. It is never our duty to convince anyone’s heart. Only God can speak and stir up someone’s heart in the right way. His way.

He designed His ways perfectly and He has a perfect design for every heart.
He knows exactly how to stir our heart and use all the chapters of our life story for His glory.

Following Jesus is not a religion, it is dying to our old self and being reborn in the Way, the Truth and the Life. It is coming Home to our Father, finally, after doing it all on (y)our own strength, after searching all different pathways (that are actually dead-ends) in the world and in the spiritual jungle.

Art is my way of expressing what my heart is full of, it is deeply inspired by the beauty & splendor of His glory and kingdom.

- Tamara