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'The Embodiment of Sovereignty' A4 Artprint

'The Embodiment of Sovereignty' A4 Artprint

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This is an A4 Artprint (210x297mm / 8.3x11.7inches) of 'The Embodiment of Sovereignty', a digital creation, deeply inspired by a dream I had recently, being carried and guided by the Waters. Dreams are messages from the Source and I deeply felt my Soul received the Remembrance of Sovereignty.
Sovereign means that you Remember and Realize that you are (of) God, Source, you are Life itself. And that you Being Here (while embodying this Truth in all you are and do) is the Gift from and to the Source.

The Waters are guiding me
Into the Space where I am Free
The Waters are alchemizing me
Into the Embodiment of Sovereignty

"The Embodiment of Sovereignty"
Ā© 2020 Tamara Patrick

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