'Making the Unseen seen (Mary Magdalene)' Fine Artprint

'Making the Unseen seen (Mary Magdalene)' Fine Artprint

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Fine Artprint of the 'Making the Unseen seen (Mary Magdalene)' painting. High museumquality reproduction on sturdy (310 gsm) robust Giclée paper.

💫 Created for your Sacred Space.
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Divinely Guided
Pulled by the Divine Plan
Life and I have collided
To make the Unseen seen
If there is a Life’s Mission
Let this ‘mission’ be:
Let every step on this path
Deeply ground Heaven in me…

This painting is deeply inspired by Mary Magdalene and what she represents: to make the Unseen seen.

"Making the Unseen seen (Mary Magdalene)"
© 2018 Tamara Patrick

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