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'The Light of your Soul (Archangel Raphael)' Card
'The Light of your Soul (Archangel Raphael)' Card

'The Light of your Soul (Archangel Raphael)' Card

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This is a postcard / greetingcard (105x148mm / 4.1x5.8inches) of the painting 'The Light of your Soul (Archangel Raphael)'. The back of the card has white space, perfect to write your own inspired words on, to use as a postcard or to frame and place it in your beautiful Sacred Space.

This Painting is deeply inspired by Archangel Raphael who came across my path through funny 'coincidences'. And as if that wasn't enough, other people came on my path, who ‘coincidentally’ also had experiences with Raphael recently. It no longer surprises me, there is an Inner Knowing that knows how everything is deeply connected and that everything goes according to a Divine Master Plan, which unfolds from the core of the Soul...

There is a gentle light radiating from within
It is the vastest kingdom in this entire existence
And it is present in this very moment
Be there

"The Light of your Soul (Archangel Raphael)"
© 2020 Tamara Patrick

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