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'Ratu Kidul & Garuda' Card
'Ratu Kidul & Garuda' Card

'Ratu Kidul & Garuda' Card

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This is a postcard / greetingcard (105x148mm / 4.1x5.8inches) of the 'Ratu Kidul & Garuda' painting. a portrait of the Indonesian goddess Ratu Kidul and the Garuda (the winged one). The back of the card has white space, perfect to write your own inspired words on, to use as a postcard or to frame and place it in your beautiful Sacred Space.

The original painting is made in acrylics on 50x60cm (19.6x23.6inches) canvas and called 'Ratu Kidul', this painting was inspired by a dream I received about this Indonesian goddess, she represents the element water and heals & transforms.
The Garuda (the winged one) represents the connection between heaven & earth.

"Ratu Kidul & Garuda"
© 2014 Tamara Patrick

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