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'Knot of Isis' Card
'Knot of Isis' Card

'Knot of Isis' Card

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This is a postcard / greetingcard (135x135mm) of the 'Knot of Isis' painting. The back of the card has white space, perfect to write your own inspired words on, to use as a postcard or to frame and place it in your beautiful Sacred Space.

The original painting is created on 50x50cm canvas and called 'Knot of Isis'. The Knot represents Protection in the deepest sense. The Knot ensures that your Sacred Space is protected, no-thing that doesn't Truly serve the Highest Good will flow through, for the Knot will protect it... until you are ready, until you have matured. Beloved, you are Always guided by the Divine. You are Always loved (so loved) by the Divine. Not a moment goes by unattended. You are loved and in Love, you are protected.

"Knot of Isis"
© 2015 Tamara Patrick

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