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'I AM' Card
'I AM' Card

'I AM' Card

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This is a postcard / greetingcard (105x148mm / 4.1x5.8inches) of the 'I AM' painting. The back of the card has white space, perfect to write your own inspired words on, to use as a postcard or to frame and place it in your beautiful Sacred Space.

Waves of High Vibrations
Pulsating through my Spiritual DNA
Encoding a New Way of Being
Imprinting Visions of a New Day
For a New Day has dawn
And it is Brighter than ever before
A New Consciousness is rising
From the endless depths of our Core

This Painting is created during the New Moon and Solar Eclipse, July 2nd 2019, it marks the beginning of the 2nd half of 2019 and also confirms the huge influx of Renewal that is currently going on at all levels of your being. Your Higher Self is (re)directing the course that moves us Home. It is New and at the same time it has been predicted many many lifetimes ago… The energy of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse is welcoming you Home to the Source. The Source that You Are.

"I AM"
© 2019 Tamara Patrick

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