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'The Lioness is Awakened' Card
'The Lioness is Awakened' Card

'The Lioness is Awakened' Card

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This is a postcard / greetingcard (105x148mm / 4.1x5.8inches) of the painting 'The Lioness is Awakened'. The back of the card has white space, perfect to write your own inspired words on, to use as a postcard or to frame and place it in your beautiful Sacred Space.

The Lioness is Awakened
She’s rising in the Light
Birthing a new age into Being
Releasing next levels of Power & Might
She knows the True Essence
Of who she is and has always been
Bringing something ‘New’ with her being
Something this world has never seen

Deeply inspired by the Lion’s Gate that comes around each year on the 8th of the 8th month of the year. Her message is loud and Clear. To know your Self and to know what you came Here for is a great great blessing. Embrace it.

"The Lioness is Awakened"
© 2019 Tamara Patrick

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