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About me

My name is Tamara Patrick. Painter of the Divine. Soulpoet. Bridge between Heaven & Earth. Capturing a World not of this world. All Paintings are made to support the Embodiment and Remembrance of (y)our True Self.

It is my Soul’s Calling to be present during this special time of Great Awakening, to Be Home, to embody and let it flow through the Paintings. The Paintings carry the Light of Who We Really Are, they are an invitation to embody your True Self and form the Bridge between "Heaven" (the high frequencies of Home) and "Earth" (the embodiment of your Self).

We all carry this Light and are all on the path of Remembering this Truth.

Many are Here because they hear the same Call to create from this Sacred Space, to birth the Breathtaking Beauty of the Divine into this world for the highest purpose of Pure Remembrance. Remembrance of who we really are, coming Home in ourself, in this Now, in this lifetime.
Realizing All that we Are.

‘I AM the Light that clears the suffering, pain and fear in All.
This is how it is,
how it has always been
and will forever be.’

Remembering this Truth is our only job.
And the more I paint, the more I realize that this is what I came here to do:
to Embody the Light. And plant seeds of Remembrance along the Way…