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About me

My name is Tamara Patrick. Capturing a World not of this world. Capturing the Truth of who we Are on to canvas. All Paintings are made to support the Embodiment and Remembrance of (y)our True Self.

It is my Soul’s Calling to be present during this renaissance of Great Awakening, to remember thát what we call God/Source/Home, and realize we are children of our True Origin.
Art (in every single form) plays such a big role, art is healing, it allows you to be a vessel & bridge for the Divine and carries forth the Remembrance of who we truly are, inviting to Remember Truth.

Remembering Truth is our only job.

Many are Here on this sacred path. To birth the breathtaking beauty of the Divine into this world for the highest purpose of Pure Remembrance. Blessed we are to walk on this ground and dis-cover and resurrect the beauty of the Divine in all.

And the more I paint, the more I realize that all of the above is what I came here to do. Planting seeds of Remembrance along the Way.