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Do you also make custom art?

At the moment I do not make custom art. However, I do believe it is possible that you will find what you’re (consciously or subconsciously) looking for in one of the existing artworks or new paintings to come! Feel free to browse in the Shop if you feel called or subscribe to the Newsletter!

Can I share or use your work?

Thank you for your interest in my work! 
The Paintings are created with Heart & Soul and by respecting the acknowledgment of the Source, the energy that flows through it will come to its own perfectly. Sharing is allowed if the following guidelines are used:

  • Social media (Profielfoto, Instagram, FB, etc):  Sharing images on social media and/or use as a profile picture is allowed as long as my website tamarapatrick.com is clearly visible in the description of the message and the image remains unaltered.
  • Blogs, articles, workshops, lectures: Sharing images in blog articles or in workshops (through powerpoint presentations for example) is allowed as long as my website tamarapatrick.com is clearly visible with the image and the image remains unaltered.
  • Branding Designs (Website, Logo, Businesscards, Flyers): It is not allowed to use images for processing in branding identity designs (such as in the header of the website, business cards, flyers, etc) of private practices and/or other companies.
  • Book/Ebook: The use of an image for a book cover and/or ebook is only possible with written permission. There are costs involved, for more information and permission please contact hello@tamarapatrick.com
  • Tattoos: You are free to use a Painting for a tattoo, no costs or permission is required. I would love to see the result! Send the (high resolution) photos to hello@tamarapatrick.com if you would like to share them.

Tamara Patrick always retains the copyright regardless of the permission given. The above conditions can be changed at any time without notice.

If I buy a Painting, do I own the copyright?
When you buy a painting, you buy a physical object that you can fully enjoy. So you only buy the painting, not the copyright, because the copyright always belongs to the maker (in this case Tamara Patrick). It is therefore not allowed to use images for reproductions, branding designs and other forms of commercial expression when you buy a Painting.