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The Mystic, Divine Union of Two Worlds

I’ve always experienced the World of the Unspeakable. The Spiritual Realms were always my reality.
The sleep state and dreamworld was my Homecoming as I experienced the veils being lifted and often met with those who had gone before us, ancestors that I had never met in the flesh yet felt so familiar to me.
Dreams where I would visit my own House, to discover rooms shrouded in Darkness in need of Light.
Dreams where I was invited to visit other people’s Houses, to stand by them as we would See their rooms. Those dreams where I learned that people were most honest and open during Dreams while in ‘real’ life being closed or restricted by their own thoughts & belief systems.
Dreams with the World of the Unspeakable that were tightly woven into all aspects of (daily) life, and only Seen and recognized by those who are Free to See.
Dreams that are often so hard to put in words or so it seems… for just like paintings or songs: words can also be filled with the World of the Spirit.

And this is the Path of the Mystic.
To lift the veils of ‘Two Worlds’ and Be(come) a Divine Union. To embody both worlds and live as One.
‘Spiritual work’ never comes easy.
Seeing All that Is requires Divine Neutrality and a Heart full of Love & Compassion.
Life offers a perfect learning- and playground in that sense. Life is the Temple of the Mystic.

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