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Sweet September

The waves of September bring a new energy, a new flow.
A cycle has ended.
And a new flow is moving the Soul into new fields, new platforms.
September seems to bring a Clarity like never before.
Suddenly All of it becomes very Clear; the process of Growth from the past few months, all the Gifts you have received into every cell of your Being. And also what you are currently letting go off (or what has already left you).
To See this Clearly asks a Divine Neutrality of us, a Compassion for your Self (and that what you are letting go). It asks for us to Walk in Love.
So you can grow into your ‘next level’ (which is basically just more of You, your True Self, as it has always been intended from the Source).

I’m using a lot of Water in my paintingsessions these days. Water symbolizes Clarity, Cleansing, Transformation and Being Fluid with Life. And this is exactly what this year is asking (and bringing) us: to transmute the Old, to be(come) Fluid with Life in every aspect.

Wishing you a Sweet September 🌼