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Blessed Roots

Your Roots are the ancestral lines and the timelines of past lives that you are connected to in this Now, in this present moment. They are the summary of who (and where) you are Now. They show, in Divine Neutrality, how the Light of your Gifts flows in and through you. And at the same time also reveal which lines and Soul fragments (through your Light) may be Healed, to return to Love.
The Wholeness you experience in this Now is Wholeness for these timelines.

My Indonesian (Ancestral) Roots have been a guide to me for many years. Showing up at specific transition moments on my Path. Clarifying and supporting the Gifts of the Divine that wanted to flow in and through me, and at the same time revealing what needed Healing & Transformation.

This was also the case during the Equinox of September 22, a day that is energetically felt and marked as a Transition.
This time it came in a dream. I dreamed I was dressed in Balinese clothing, with a flower in my hair, covered in mud while hearing angelic singing like it was blessing me. I looked around me and saw groups of people (all Indonesians) covering themselves in mud while singing as if the mud was a holy blessing from Divine.
I smiled while watching this mud ritual, it looked fun and joyful. There was Joy in the air and lots of Laughter.
When I woke up I felt a change in all layers of my Being, everything felt Lighter. As if a detox had taken place, in preparation (and synchonized with the Equinox) for a New Phase in (and of) my Soul.
Since I had never seen this Holy Mud Ritual before I turned to Google and yes there it was! Even the pictures showed the same Joy and Blessing that this wonderful mud ritual had given me!

And so it is, with Joy we may move (and be Blessed) through Life. And may we be in awe of it all as we continue to See the Wonder of it. With a smile, in total relaxation...
Yes, what a Blessing! 😊🙏