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The Art of Life

You never know.
That is the Art of Life. To Open yourself and feel the Infinite Possibilities of Life. Because you never know. And you really do not have to know. When you touch the vibration of this ‘not-knowing’, something amazing happens. By accepting to not-know (not-knowing how to solve certain problems, for example) an Opening is created through which the Wisdom of Life can come to you and through which you Know... on a Deeper level, in a Richer way, even more beautiful than you could imagine.

In fact, living life consists largely of Allowing, simply Allowing Life to present itself and Allowing it to guide you, because it will always guide you to something that transcends your own imagination.
The only ‘effort’ that is yours is to Open yourself to the Unthinkable…
Once you have experienced this, it can and will only grow.

Each and every moment is a never-ending flow and guidance that shapes your life into an Endless Creation. That is the Art of Life..

In the same way, working as an Intuitive Artist flowed to me. I never planned or could have imagined I’d be doing this, but Life has brought Me here. And in the same way, these paintings come to be, simply by Allowing Life to present itself in the moment.
Each painting is a Wonder in that sense…