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Embodying the Light

Feel the Connection with the deeper layers of your Being.
The layers far beyond your physical existence.
This Connection is always there. In fact, you are the Connection itself.
These deeper layers contain the Light.
All your life cycles remain here, untouched and pure.
Feel it, the entire Evolution of the Soul reveals itself in these layers.
It reveals your unique path.
It reveals the deep purpose of your life, in this Here and Now.

Feel these layers, breathe them and receive them.
This is all that is needed.

Because in feeling and experiencing this, you are anchoring these layers.
Because in breathing, you receive the Light from these layers into all the cells of your body.
And this Light will guide you and show you where you can allow it even more, and how you can experience even more Love in yourself and in the world around you.
You are a Lightbody Embodying the Light.