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The Mystic, Divine Union of Two Worlds

I’ve always experienced the World of the Unspeakable. The Spiritual Realms were always my reality. The sleep state and dreamworld was my Homecoming as I experienced the veils being lifted and often met with those who had gone before us, ancestors that I had never met in the flesh yet felt so familiar to me. Dreams where I would visit my own House, to discover rooms shrouded in Darkness in need of Light. Dreams where I was invited to visit other people’s Houses, to stand by them as we would See their rooms. Those dreams where I learned that people were most honest and open during Dreams while in ‘real’ life being closed or restricted by their own thoughts &...

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The Art of Being Human

The Art of Being Human Is to feel all that is To feel everything this world holds; All the different timelines and plays And still hear the Inner Call Calling you Home To Be in this world but not of it It is the Art of Being Human To feel all that is To remain open, through (and in) the chaos of all; And find in it, the Pearl of Existence, The Soul’s Purpose And the role it chooses to embody In this Grand Masterplay

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Blessed Roots

Your Roots are the ancestral lines and the timelines of past lives that you are connected to in this Now, in this present moment. They are the summary of who (and where) you are Now. They show, in Divine Neutrality, how the Light of your Gifts flows in and through you. And at the same time also reveal which lines and Soul fragments (through your Light) may be Healed, to return to Love.The Wholeness you experience in this Now is Wholeness for these timelines. My Indonesian (Ancestral) Roots have been a guide to me for many years. Showing up at specific transition moments on my Path. Clarifying and supporting the Gifts of the Divine that wanted to flow in and...

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Sweet September

The waves of September bring a new energy, a new flow. A cycle has ended. And a new flow is moving the Soul into new fields, new platforms. September seems to bring a Clarity like never before. Suddenly All of it becomes very Clear; the process of Growth from the past few months, all the Gifts you have received into every cell of your Being. And also what you are currently letting go off (or what has already left you). To See this Clearly asks a Divine Neutrality of us, a Compassion for your Self (and that what you are letting go). It asks for us to Walk in Love. So you can grow into your ‘next level’ (which is...

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Awakening is not for the weak. Its Light shines upon All that Is, and it takes courage and trust... To See what the Light uncovers, To feel what the Light uncovers, And to transmute what the Light uncovers. Awakening is not for the weak. It requires a Willingness to integrate and embody the Light into all the spaces, nooks and crannies of your Being. Know that your Willingness is enough, because it serves your experience of Divine Alignment. This Divine Alignment is always there, She is the Sacred Space that holds you while undergoing the transformative process of Awakening. You are doing more than you know. You are embodying the Light. And there is a Sacred Space holding you along...

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